International ecology and cultural festival “For the better future”.
(Kazan – Kamskie Polyany, 17-21 July 2014)

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The festival is dedicated to solution of environmental- power issues, issues of environmental protection and sustainable development. The festival is also dedicated to the announced Year of Culture in Russia and the announced decade of_ecological education by the worldwide organizations of UN and UNESCO.
The festival programme includes:
Festival – competition of projects themed: ”For the better common future – alternative development of Kamskie Polyany ”;
Conference and workshops on environment and sustainable development “On the ways of “green economy” and sustainable development towards spiritual-environmental civilization”;
Music festival of rock, ethnic and bard songs for Environmental protection called “AntiAtom 2”.

About competition of projects.
Aim: assistance for alternate development of Kamskie Polyany without nuclear power plant. Festival – competition should assist to implementation of Resolution on “Diversion of Tatar NPP into safe non-nuclear facility” signed by the Government of USSR, Government and State Council of Tatarstan of year 1990 and to find solutions for social- economic problems of Kamskie Polyany.
Competition-festival objectives:
a) Determination of projects, providing alternative to construction of Tatar NPP;
b) Introduction of alternative non-nuclear projects to all parties concerned;
c) Attraction of investments for implementation of the proposed alternate projects, development of “green economy”, for sustainable development of Kamskie Polyany township of Nizhnekamsk region.
For regulations on competition-festival refer to: (
All questions concerning competition-festival may be asked/sent to mailbox:

About conference and workshops within the festival
Conference and workshops shall be conducted in Kazan and Kamskie Polyany township.
Main focus areas of the conference and workshops: global nuclear disasters and public awareness, movement against new NPPs, radioactive wastes and challenging of nuclear technologies, alternatives to NPPs, gamma-sterilization of agricultural produce and its harmful consequences for nature and human, worldwide civilisational crisis and spiritual-ecological civilization.
All questions concerning conference and applications (Full Name, theme of speech, organization , e-mail, phone number) may be sent to mailbox:

About music festival "Anti Atom 2"
The music festival shall be held near Kamskie Polyany township
We welcome authors, artists and bands approving moral, spiritual and ecological values in their songs.
Music festival shall be held for three days in the following sequence:
- 1st day – rock songs;
- 2nd day ethnic;
- 3rd day bard songs.
During the festival all alcohol drinks including beer shall be prohibited on premises.
In order to apply for performance it is necessary to fill-out an application, provide list of songs and their details(subject), audio and photos (via e-mail) to the Organizing committee of the festival. Applications may be filed in March 21st through June 9th. Application form shall be placed at Tatarstan Anti-nuclear society’s web-sites on March 21st. Festival organizing committee will consider applications and send an official invitation to the participants, who succeeded in preliminary stage until June 21st 2014.
All questions concerning the music festival may be sent to mailbox:
January 9 2014
The Chairman of the Antinuclear Society of Tatarstan, Festival Organizing Committee Chairman : Garapov A.