Antinuclear society of Tataria (ACT) is a voluntary organisation was arised on the basis initiative group, which orinnated during the company against the construction of biochemical foctyry in 1987

FLAG & TAMGA (Dragon - Emblem of Kazan on background of Sun)


Antinuclear society of Tatarstan was created helpigin manufacture new, energecal policy, which would be basis on the saving energy, on the renew ecologicaly semre , nuclear alternative, energetic spring, in counteractrein nuclear power station construction and like organisation for general ecological prondeng in Nature protection.

Society took part in many conferenses, actions for Nature protection on the Volgs region and on the Ural. Many articles were published in different papers and magazines. There were many spee hes on the Region and All-Union radio channels. First protest marches againnst the nuclear power stations construction were corred aut (the twodays and one four days on the territory of Tatarstan and Bashkiria). There were the first (in 1990) and the secand (in1996) All-Union antinuclear converense for antinuclear moving and nuclear energy problems.

Antinuclear society of Tatarstan was in the number of organizators of international louvent for European nuclear safety, which tolk part in Moscow in 1991. Then it took part on international conferense "Stop Timelin" (Chech Republik, 1993, 1997, and Orhus -Denmark - 1998). In the august 1999 ACT leadet the etno-ecological expedition "Creation Euro Asian network antinuclear green movement".Collections of the articles, bulletins "Magdi (Green of Tataria)" on Russian and Tatar and one special number were published. In the 1995 (september) and on the 1996 the first and the second electron bulletins were published.

Highly skilled experts on geology, energetics, ecology and etc. were engaged for raluating the nuclear station proects, energetic programmes and etc. With the help of ACT constructions of Tatar and Bashkir nuclear stations were stoped.

Adres: 420034 Kazan, p/h 90, Russia -Tatarstan

phone: (8432) 544-77-57



President AC of Tatarstan Garapov A.F.